Who are de Groots Best Clubs of Australia™?

We are part of the de Groots Media Group. We specialise in presenting hospitality information through our websites and magazines. See more at About us.

How do I contact the club and make a booking?

Just click on the "Send an enquiry to" link on the page of the club you are interested in. An email form will then appear – just write your message, such as ‘Can you do a function on the 28th April for 150 people?’ Be sure to include your phone number with area code and email and the club will contact you to discuss your requirements and organise a quotation.

Who would use Best Clubs of Australia?

Best Clubs is for people who want complete and up-to-date information about local and national club facilities from one reliable source. This is the modern and easy way to find a club – saves on everything from phone books, newspapers and calling friends. Users of this site are looking for a club with facilities to suit them. They may be organising a function, wedding, school formal, product launch … that is anybody who needs to use a club facility.

How Do I Find a Club on This Site?

You can fill in your specific requirements and then press search to see results or you scroll down the (View all ) list and click on a club that interests you.

What places are on Best Clubs?

de Groots sites have built the reputation over many years only listing the leading clubs, restaurants, hotels and resorts in Australia. All properties are of a standard which allows de Groots to recommend them.

The details of our Club need updating - What Should I Do?

All clubs on de Groots have a user-name and password to allow them to up-date their information. Please contact us for further advice.

How do I tell a friend about using Best Clubs?

Just click on the "email a friend" icon on the Club's page to send the club to a friend.

Does Best Clubs have a newsletter? What is our plan for a newsletter?

We are developing a newsletter to be available soon. If youy would like to receive all the latest restaurant information, you can join here.

How do we place our club on Best Clubs ?

Simply click on the Add Club link and give us your details and we do the rest. However all applications are carefully checked and only quality properties are accepted.

Can we advertise on Best Clubs?

Yes. We have our own art department which can advise you what will work for you and then create a professional result. We can also accept your own artwork to run on our ad-server. For more information please contact us.

Can I receive de Groots Media press releases?

Yes. For more information please contact us.

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